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Send Thatcher back to Hell in this new Doom 2 mod today

The highest difficulty level is named "Austerity"

Following a short delay caused by Tennent's Lager (actual true story), Margaret Thatcher has returned from Hell to menace us once more. Thankfully, one doomed space marine will stand up and venture into the tenth circle of Hell (aka the UK) to put the reviled British prime minister down for good. Thatcher's Techbase is its name, and Doom 2 is the game you'll need to play this free mod now it's out. It is quite the thing, and even has a custom soundtrack from Paradise Killer's composer.

The new campaign sends us into a Hell festooned with Union Flag bunting to battle incarnations of Margaret Thatcher. Various demons wear her face, and the whole place is crammed with familar political posters and slogans, wee milk cartons replacing health potions (yes, absolutely the game says you "snatch" them), Silk Cut and Regal King Size cigarettes, and other cultural touchstones. Something it no longer features is Scotland's own Tennent's Lager.

A can of F lager in a screenshot from Doom 2 mod Thatcher's Techbase.
Instead, enjoy a delicious can of... Fennent's Lager, maybe?

Mod director Jim Purvis explained on Twitter today that the Tennent's lawyers reached out this morn, asking him to remove their beer cans, which caused a wee last-minute delay to the launch. In return, they'll make a donation to the charities and organisations he suggests players help out. These include the Scottish Refugee Council, Stonewall, and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, which Thatcher would surely hate, so that's good.

"I know, I know - artistic integrity, parody work, not-for-profit, bla bla bla. I agree," Purvis added. "But if it gets money to charities, I'm happy to go along with it."

Download Thatcher's Techbase from here. It's a Boom-compatible wad tested with PRBoom, DSDA-Doom, ZDoom, and GZDoom, though Purvis suggests using PrBoom+ 2.6.1. That page explains how to play it on every platform from Windows and Linux to Android and Nintendo 3DS, so really everyone's invited to return Thatcher to her grave.

Thatcher's Techbase is made by Purvis with a team including Paradise Killer composer Barry "Epoch" Topping, arists Core Lo and Rafael Batista de Lima, and voice actor Laila Berzins, who played Demeter and Persephone in Hades. Epoch has released the soundtrack on Bandcamp in both retro and modernised forms.

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