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The Men, Women, Mechsuits & Menus of PlanetSide 2

I've just sat through around an hour of newly-elongated (no, not changed as such - elongated. Improved? A bit. Hope you like paintings!) Mass Effect 3 endings so I can't quite bring myself to watch another seven minutes of explosions and other lighting effects right now, but I'm basically just skim-viewing this full-length E3 presentation of PlanetSide 2 then leaving it for myself to come back to properly tomorrow. It's all been quick clips and devblogs so far, but this seems to be more of an overview of the SOE's MMOFPS' scope'n'stuff.

I'm here for my MAX suit, please. In small, though. Yes, small MAX, I do appreciate the irony. Just shut up and give me my power-armour, damn you. Also, I've traditionally played as Vanu but the New Conglomerate totally have the best suit there.

Also, that could have done with a bit more in-game stuff alongside the unit roster and menus, as that charge-to-war at the end looked spectacular.

If you're hankering for some mass battles in the near future, SOE are orchestrating a massed return to PlanetSide 1 this Sunday. If you've ever had a PS subscription, they'll be lobbing you 30 days of free game time. Tempting, very, very temping... More details on that here.

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