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Wadjet Eye's Shardlight Now Has A Demo

Vaccines for free

Shardlight [official site], the next point-and-click venture from Wadjet Eye Games, is closing in on its March 8 release date. It's now got a demo, which means you can poke your head into a world ravaged by war and extreme class divisions ahead of the curve. It sounds pretty grim, but it looks pretty lovely.

Wadjet Eye, you may recall, are the guys that brought us The Shivah and the Blackwell series, and also published the likes of Technobabylon, Primordia and Resonance. Their games tend to flaunt a retro-inspired, pixel-heavy aesthetic and Shardlight is no different as it follows mechanic Amy Wellard and chums around a dying, post-cataclysmic world. Green Lung, an infectious and potentially fatal disease, has crippled modern day society and while the rich live well, the lower echelons must perform “dangerous government jobs in exchange for a chance of winning meager vaccine doses in a stacked-odds lottery."

John seemed to enjoy his time with it when he got to grips with an early build, praising how well it captured the essence of the point-and-click genre. Of its inventory puzzles, he said:

"This is a modern curse of point-n-clickers, where the inventory puzzle has been reduced to putting the triangle-shaped object into the triangle-shaped hole, reducing any point in their existing in the first place. Shardlight remembers how it’s meant to work, with a small collection of items, and ways to use them ranging from sensible to esoteric. It also understands that it’s great fun to have one object that accompanies you all the way through with multiple uses, which this time looks likely to be a trusty metal bucket."

Interested? If so, you can download Shardlight’s demo by clicking on this here link.

Shardlight is due for release on March 8 and can be pre-ordered via the Wadjet Eye Store (which gets you a DRM-free Steam key) and GOG. Pre-orders get you access to extras such as the game’s soundtrack and concept art, among other things. [But don't pre-order games, though. Wait for our review on March 8th. -Anti Pre-order Ed]

Until then, here’s another look at the latest trailer:

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