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Sherlock Holmes Kickstarter Fails, But Games Will Appear

Everyone let me down. I can't even bring myself to look at you. Not only did the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Adventure Mysteries Kickstarter fail to reach its goal, but it failed to reach less than a third of its measly $55,000 target. It's like you actively didn't want to pay so I could replay some games that I remember thinking I enjoyed about twenty years ago. You gits.

Fortunately, developer David Marsh says they'll get made anyway. SO THERE.

It'll just take a bit longer.

I can't tell where irony ends and genuine desire to play these games begins, but either way, I'm pleased it'll likely still happen. Marsh claims that he never needed the KS money to get the games made, and was partly using the project to raise awareness about them. Well, er, okay. I'm not sure it's great politics to say, "I didn't need your money" to the 559 people who pledged $17,430 between them. But it's still good news to me that they're happening.

Marsh insists that the $55k wouldn't have been enough to cover the taxes on the pledges. I'm not sure how that works. But anyhow, you can keep up with the progress of the FMV-laden silliness here.

Here's what you went out of your way to miss out on:

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