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Watch Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Trailer

Doctors are getting younger

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter [official site] has a reveal trailer and it's really going for the creepy gothic vibe what with a horrible doll and a creepy child.

I'm far less au fait with Sherlock than I am with Poirot and have a tendency to conflate real Sherlock stories with stories from Dr Terrible's House of Horrible. Specifically the episode about opium and giant crabs. But having watched this trailer I am hoping that at some point Frogwares will also have Sherlock fight a crab:


0:24 - Sherlock Holmes' drunk friend appears to be housesitting for Sherlock

0:25 - And he appears to have sent for Doctor Smallgirl

0:28 - WAIT A MINUTE. I think that's actual Sherlock Holmes and a small girl. She may or may not be a doctor. Children grew up very fast back then so they were probably in middle management by the time they were nine.

0:32 - Oh no! A metal moth! Sherlock has a lifelong phobia of metal moths after being attacked by one as a child.

0:35 - But there is a bloodstain on Doctor Smallchild's sleeve. Probably from some impromptu doctoring she had to do in a back alley, sawing a mans leg off and then cauterising it with lemons.

0:36 - Sherlock gets such a disapproving look from Doctor Smallgirl's tiny doll-sized assistant that he starts to sober up.

0:41 - Sherlock has a flashback to kicking out time at the club on a recent night out. He resolves to drink less and throws his breakfast absinthe on the floor.

0:51 - Doctor Smallgirl is pleased as she had been planning have a word with him about health risks and binge drinking but now she can go about the rest of her rounds. She heads down a nearby alleyway to conduct further surgery on Londoners.

0:55 - Doctor Smallgirl's first name is Katelyn. I thought she looked a bit like Maeby Funke from Arrested Development so I've been calling her Maeby Smallgirl.

0:58 - He chases after Doctor Smallgirl but she and her assistant have had an argument. Sherlock stops to help the poor woman up then gives chase.

1:08 - The metal moth has flown away and fallen asleep on the floor. It is having a great dream about leading a daring escape from a gigantic moth prison.

1:17 - Sherlock's hangover is so bad it is destroying London. He is such a drama queen.

1:19 - Doctor Smallgirl marches onward, patients to visit, blood pressure to take.

1:20 - A ghost wants a second opinion about something and approaches Doctor Smallgirl.

1:21 - Either Sherlock's physically manifesting hangover is getting worse or Frogwares are making a point about public maintenance services in London.

1:27 - Sherlock indulges in some noisy vandalism and upsets a sheep skull. The sheep skull has had a long day, hence the candles and the messy office. He is tired and would like to be at home with his wife and children but instead he is catching up on paperwork. He considers opening a window and shouting at Sherlock.

1:31 - Doctor Smallgirl is a busy woman but she agrees to chat to the ghost as she walks to her next appointment.

1:45 - Sherlock finally passes out from the hangover and Doctor Smallgirl sighs. She is already running late, the ghost has been banging on about test results and now she's going to have to deal with this awful hungover man. She reluctantly turns round.


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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

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