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Shiverweirds: The Moment You Remember An Old Game

Past Blasts

A few weeks back I was writing about the disappointing reincarnation of Shadowgate, and in it mentioned the phenomenon of how screenshots of certain games from my past have great power. Obviously seeing a shot of a fondly remembered game brings with it nostalgic pleasure, perhaps even associated memories, and is always a treat. But when it's a game you'd forgotten you loved - perhaps because it was from so early on in your childhood, or perhaps because your brain had to make room for more phone numbers or something - the reaction to seeing it once again can be something far more powerful.

For me, there's a dizzying rush, as well buried memories suddenly burst to the surface, images whizzing past my eyes of where I might have been sat, how old I was, who I was with. It can be a wonderful, spinny feeling. So I'm going to see if I can offer that to you today.

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