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SHMUP: It's A Shmup

This looks like my kind of thing. My kind of thing being "games that make me feel like I'm incredibly good at games, even though I'm not." IGF China finalist S.H.M.U.P. is, as the name suggests, a side-scrolling shooter. But! Rather than being a precision game of exhausting bullet-dodging, it's one in which you unleash a sustained torrent of improbable explodey-death, with your avatar eventually consisting of a fleet of up to 15 ships. In other words, Press Button, Watch Everything Explode. Yay!

There's a demo out now, which I'll be firing up happily tomorrow (most of today having been lost to Windows 7 deciding that it's entirely unnecessary for me to have any kind of GUI in my operating system, and that a black screen with a cursor on it is enough. Thanks, Windows 7), and the full game's just gone on sale for ten of your American dollars. The trailer below is enough to have me thinking "fun!", though I'll admit I'm not sure about the look.

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Anyone tried it yet?

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