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Shock: Konami Still Won't Confirm Metal Gear 5 On PC

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENTS. Metal Gear Solid 5 is an actual, factual thing, as revealed during Kojima Productions' GDC panel. But wait, that's not all. Are you ready to ratchet up the vein-searing voltage? OK, here goes: The Phantom Pain was just a promotional stunt! It was Metal Gear all along, just like no man, woman, child, infant, or single-celled organism could've surmised from painfully obvious evidence. Now, though, you probably ought to flee into your local neighborhood tire factory, because here comes the most electric news of all. In spite of Hideo Kojima's repeated claims that Metal Gear Solid 5/Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain's demos have been running on PC, Konami still won't confirm or deny a PC version for some reason.

The only officially listed platforms at this point are PS3 and Xbox 360 - even though that trailer looks suspiciously outside the range of their capabilities. Meanwhile, as with Ground Zeroes (which has now been revealed as merely a component of MGS5), Kojima explicitly noted that everything shown so far has been running on PC. In the past, Konami's no-commented that not-so-little caveat, and today was no different. When I asked point-blank if a PC version is, if nothing else, planned, a Konami rep replied:

"We cannot confirm [a PC version] at this time."

Which strikes me as fairly silly, given that it seems like a no-brainer at this point. That said, it certainly wasn't an outright denial. Who knows, though? Maybe MGS5 will end up console-only. It definitely wouldn't be the craziest thing Kojima and co have ever done.

Speaking of, this all looks utterly bonkers. But, as RPS' resident (and perhaps only) Metal Gear fan, I'm intrigued. Big Boss is dealing with the ramifications of a nine-year coma and (probably) being cloned, it all takes place in an open world, and there are flying fire whales. Metal Gear Solid 4 was a disastrous string of loosely connected, utterly nonsensical cut-scenes occasionally interrupted by some semi-decent stealth-ish action, but who knows? Metal Gear Solid 3 was easily the series' high-water mark, and MGS5 continues that timeline. It will quite clearly be Metal Gear, but the series' stirring hits - at the absolute least - balance out its myriad misses.


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