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Shockwaves: War For Cybertron PC UK Delay

EDIT - Oh look, it is available after all. I am, as you might imagine, a teensy-little bit annoyed.
EDITEDIT - Activision have just confirmed availability to me. I was told the wrong thing earlier, basically. Sigh!

I've spent some time this week trying to track down a PC version of the upcoming (if you're British) / now on sale (if you're American) Transformers: War For Cybertron, because I'm a man-child who loves plastic robots. It's due for release here on the 25th, but annoyingly it's already on sale in the US.

Turns out, it's not, in fact, due for release here on the 25th -even though sites such as Amazon are claiming it is. Many sites, and they continue to claim so even just one day ahead of release. But this is what I've been told by Activision: while the Xbox and Playstation versions will indeed squeak into retail then, the PC one is now delayed. Until when? Your guess: as good as mine.

"Later in the year." That's the most information about a UK PC release I can get out of Activision for now. Huh.

Perhaps that's days not weeks, or weeks not months, but whatever you might think about a game concerning robots running through corridors and bashing each other, it's troubling in terms of PC distribution.

There's a part of me that's very worried it'll simply never see release here, but hopefully that's just empty paranoia. If it was the PC version as a whole being delayed - as has happened with a few titles lately, for reasons of piracy paranoia or simply not considering the PC a priority - I'd understand, albeit grudgingly. But when it's already on sale in the next continent? When, via assorted forms of skullduggery, I can and indeed have downloaded it via Steam? Strange, strange.

Staggered territorial release dates are an old-fashioned nuisance as it is, but a territorial delay for just one format? Strange, strange.

So, just a heads-up, really. If you've preordered the game on PC from anywhere and are expecting it on the 25th, don't get your hopes up. I'll continue to try and track down a definite date - if there indeed is one - in the meantime. I'll also update this story if it turns out those online pre-orders do come through despite what I've been told.

Oh, and yes, I'm playing the thing at the moment, on my PC, with retail code via Steam. It's almost as if most parts of the planet are connected via a global telecommunications and networking system which renders attempts to restrict consumer entertainment to specific territories pointless. So expect some words on that soon. So far: runs fine, minimal configuration options, not much variety, robots.

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Transformers: War for Cybertron

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