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Short n' sweet shooter Bleed 2 becomes Endless soon

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The Bleed games are some of the most amusingly mis-titled games on Steam. Essential platform shooters, especially if you're fans of the likes of Gunstar Heroes, but the title doesn't quite fit the adorable robot armies and candy-coloured bullets.

As with Mercenary Kings, we're seeing the benefits of the additional development time poured into upcoming console versions. In just over a week, the great but very finite shooter gets an endless survival mode with randomly generated levels.

Originally planned to be included in the launch version of the game, Endless Mode was put on a back-burner so that the one-man development team might have a halfway decent chance of releasing the game in time. The extended development time afforded by the later console releases has allowed him to go back and finish probably the most ambitious feature of the game; a random endurance level generator that uses as many obstacles, enemies and bosses from the main game as possible to keep things fresh and fast-moving.

As per the main game, Endless mode can be enjoyed solo or with a friend. If you've never played Bleed 2 in co-op, you really should try. It's a treat, thanks to a clever parry mechanic where each player can reflect a different colour of projectile, making for some creative teamwork during busy boss fights.

You can read a lot more about the process behind this new play-mode on the development blog here, or wait patiently for its release as a free update this February 10th. While other versions of the game will also be receiving Endless Mode, the PC version is coming out on top, thanks to the addition of daily challenges and leaderboards as well.

You can get Bleed 2 via Steam here for £7/$10. As with the first game, it is short, sweet and very replayable.

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