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Sid Meier And The 48 Hour Game

Here's proof positive that uncle Sid isn't just a figurehead these days. In the fun mini-documentary below, the god of Civilization pops back to his old university to encourage and judge a group of wannabe developers in a 48 hour build-a-game contest. Which seems to frazzle their minds in and of itself, but then he goes and designs a game in 48 hours too, which pretty much blows their efforts out of the water. Who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?

As kindly submitter Chris W observes, Meier rules himself out of the judging, despite coming up with a working shooter called ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE HOTEL in less than two days. That may simply be because it's monstrously unfair to pit his decades of experience against these young'uns, or because he went 3D whilst they stayed resolutely 2D. One of the flabbergasted contestants wonders if he's got a button marked 'build game' sat on his desktop...

It's fascinating to see him with his design hat fully on instead of being the cheery man of soundbytes we've perhaps come to know him as. Hopefully it's a sign that this founding father of all we hold dear is currently cruising confidently to Will Wright status.

More importantly - where can we get a copy of ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE HOTEL from?

Via Motherboard.TV. Motherships!

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