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Silence Valheim's deer once and for all with this mod

Finally, my ears can rest

I reckon viking survival sim Valheim can be a very cosy and peaceful game. That is, until the bleating of the deer kicks in, and your ears are imprisoned by their high pitched mews. Thankfully there's now a mod which silences their cries for good, and maybe, just maybe, I won't hear them in my sleep anymore.

My savior, who goes by the name of "Keezy", has created a mod called "Silent Deers", which mutes those incessant deer bleats entirely. If you have a strange fondness for the noises they make, you can configure the volume at which they bleat, as well as the amount they emit these shrill calls. I do not know why you would opt for these latter options, and I am not sure I would want to associate myself with you, a 'Deer-Supporter', but each to their own.

I don't surround myself with deer in real life, so I'm not a leading authority on the noises they make. But good lord, they are loud in Valheim. They are also persistent, unfazed by us bearded folk punching trees. In many ways, they are like hairy, mammalian cicadas. These deer are providers of an ambience precisely no-one asked for, so much so, my real life dreams as of late have been entirely composed of a void-like cavern filled with deer trots and bleats.

Am I okay? No, not really. But this mod is one step towards freedom. A release from the shackles of the deer. Finally, I will be able to chop wood in peace, and as I retire both to my virtual bed, and real life bed, I won't hear a single bleat. A single ear-splitting mew. Bliss.

When it comes to further animal management, there's a Valheim mod which lets you scream at the ocean to fish. And I am still immensely jealous of this Valheim build.

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