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Simulated City: Cities In Motion 2 In Motion, Too

The law of YouTube game trailer comments: amidst all the poison, the inexplicable arguments about race and the depressing evidence that learning the three simple rules of apostrophe usage really is beyond most of the English-speaking world, there will be one person claiming that witnessing footage of this videogame caused him to ejaculate there and then. Step forward excited Cities In Motion 2 fan Drag0nfoxx, whose reaction to a sixty-second video of an urban-planning videogame was for his penis to fill with blood and his brain to send a signal to his testicles ordering that it was time to express semen and thus bring about reproduction. Biology is a beautiful thing. "I think I just came in my pants", quoth he, this rare poet of our electronic times.

I think I just watched some footage of Cities In Motion 2, and then thought it looked both very pretty and slightly stark. But maybe I just have a low sex drive.

Clearly, the Paradox-published, Colossal Order developed Cities In Motion 2 will be in competition with EA's upcoming Sim City reboot, though as far as I can tell this one isn't doing the multi-city thing of Maxis' effort. CIM2 is also rather more transport focused, offering the likes of "scheduling of timetables" and "adjustment of fares" for "transportation enthusiasts."

Scheduling of timetables? I think I just came in my pants.

(Actually I'm quite glad that, not only are we getting two city sims in the same year, but they're doing two rather different takes on the concept rather than being simply similar. Spoilt for choice, and all that).

Cities in Motion 2 will be released in 'Q2' of this year. I think that means fairly soon.

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