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Sky Noon swings into early access on June 14th

Aerial combat

I enjoyed the brief time I spent with LawBreakers, so I was sad to see that it didn't take off. It's puzzling, because everyone loves grappling hooks and LawBreakers is the only multiplayer game I can think of that gave me one. Maybe what the world needs is a game with all the joy of grappling hook-packed aerial battles, but instead of blowing people up you're blowing them off a floating island. With cowboy airguns.

Fortunately, that game exists. It's called Sky Noon, and it enters early access on June 14th.

So, think first-person Smash Bros by way of Once Upon A Time In The West. Actually don't think that, because that'd be a tonally inconsistent mess and Sky Noon's tone is consistently 'cringingly over the top southern drawl'. I'm not complaining, mind. I can't wait to get my hands on those handy dandy grappling hooks. There are teleporters, launch pads and jet packs in the mix too, which I imagine weren't mentioned in that trailer because they're less fun to say with an accent.

Each sky-town is big enough for 8 players, and devs Lunar Rooster have sprinkled in your standard assortment of game modes like team deathmatch, free-for-all and king of the hill.

There was a beta a couple of weeks ago that sadly flew under my radar, which went well according to this post from the devs. They're focusing on sorting out some lag issues in time for the early access release date, as well as reworking a couple of the maps.

That post is worth checking out just for the roundup of clips from the beta. Here's my favourite, largely because it doesn't feature an unpleasantly shouty streamer.

C'est tres magnifique indeed. Sky Noon will be out on Steam Early Access on June 14th, and will cost $15.

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