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Skyjacker Shoots Space Up To Bits

Skyjacker has been a regular appearance in the Kickstarter Katchup - the new regular post that's taken the nation by storm. The free-roaming space combat game has had one aborted attempt to raise its cash, but is back with a far more concerted and concentrated effort, and a much more realistic chance of reaching its goal. And I think that'll be an even more realistic chance once you've watched the videos below. Crikey.

I mean, sure, this one is just a video of a bunch of ships flying in a straight line, but coo, it looks lovely.

But this one shows the game being played:

You play as the lone human in the galaxy, completing quests and fighting space in the order you choose. They say,

"There is no fixed path. You bid on the jobs you want, and if you screw up, the game doesn't end. When you succeed, you grow in prestige and power; you'll start to receive exclusive proposals and rewards, customize your ship with high-grade parts that fit your style, and build up a crew of dangerous, hopefully-loyal wingmen. And as you become strong, remember one thing: you're a pirate. With great power comes no responsibility."

They're currently at just shy of $67,000 of their $200,000 goal, but there's a full month still to go. Of course, usual disclaimer: we've not played it, and as such do not endorse it. But from what I've seen, I sure want to have a play.

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