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Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is out now adding fishing, aquariums and more

Ah yes, what we all wanted for the RPG's 10th birthday: fish

It's Skyrim's 10th birthday today, so Bethesda have released yet another version of their epic fantasy RPG to celebrate. Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is out now, adding a bunch of Creation Club content, like fishing, aquariums and more. Plus, owners of the game's Special Edition will get a handful of freebies too. It's no Elder Scrolls 6, but hey, fish are nice. So, how many copies of Skyrim will you own after today?

The Anniversary Edition is essentially the Special Edition (which came out in 2016) with every piece of content from the Creation Club, a store where folks can buy mod-like bits from Bethesda and community creators. The devs say this stuff includes new quests, armour and game modes, as well as aquariums for your Hearthfire homes.

Owners of the Special Edition will get four free things from the Creation Club without needing to buy the new version. This includes fishing, which will let you catch 20 types of fish to cook with, display as trophies, or plop into an aquarium. You'll also get a survival mode, the Saints & Seducers missions, and Rare Curios, which adds new goods to the Khajit caravan stores.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition costs £48/$50/€55. If you already own the Special Edition, you can upgrade to the Anniversary Edition for £16/$20/€20. Find it on Steam and the Microsoft Store, as well as the PlayStations and Xboxes.

Do watch out if you're into modding these games though, because modders have warned that this new version will break a whole bunch of mods badly.

As a last little note, if you don't fancy buying more Skyrim to celebrate the anniversary today, how about celebrating a Whiterun guard surviving 10 years in his jobs instead? In this Reddit thread, a "guard" is kindly answering folks' questions. Honestly, I think I've had more fun reading that than I'd get out of another playthrough. He seems to have a lot of beef with one of the Solitude guard captains, and is definitely not a member of the Dark Brotherhood.

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