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Skyrim, Fallout, and Doom tables flip into Pinball FX2

Bucket not included

I've been playing a fair bit of actual physical pinball lately, having discovered a half-dozen machines across nearby pubs. My favourites put their themes into motion, like the NBA table where I get to launch the ball at a hoop (aided by mystical magnetism). The selection isn't ideal, mind; I'm not much into basketball and Monopoly is so undesirable. No, digital pinball is a far better way to #engage with your favourite modern #brands in #brandball. Look, here come three new Bethesda-y DLC tables for Pinball FX2 [official site], plinging balls into Skyrim, Fallout, and Doom. Come see!

I do like the overall styling but am slightly puzzled by some of the details. Digipinball can be physically impossible, tables that could never exist in meatspace, and these Bethtables do tap into that a bit. So why do they also have some targets like plastic cutouts with pictures pasted on top? They'd look cheap even on a physical table. They jar with the more impossible elements and it's weird.

Some of the minigames seem odd choices too, not things I strongly associate with their source material. Who could forget the bit in Doom with the asteroids? (I genuinely don't remember: was there an asteroids bit? Or are those the floating platforms?) Let's not forget the mazes of Skyrim either? No idea. I've not played these tables, mind, only watched the same trailer as you.

I'd want to put a bucket over the table's head then steal all of its points while it couldn't see by manually hammering scorezones. Hit balls at a staggered demon's weak spots to rip and tear its guts until ichor and points flood the table. Arm a C4 ball then knock it into someone's pocket. Abandon the main quests to get pally with the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild because god, no one cares, Stormcloaks.

The three Bethesda tables are £7.99/10,99€/$10.99 in a bundle on Steam. Do remember that the base game is free so that's all you'd need to pay.

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