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Skyrim grandma Shirley Curry will follow you around Tamriel soon

Hello, grandkid!

Shirley Curry is better known online as the "Skyrim grandma" who begins her YouTube videos with a genial "good morning grandkids" before setting out on adventures in Tamriel. Curry has become dear to enough of her fans that a petition to have her added to The Elder Scrolls 6 helped prompt Bethesda to announce they would do just that. A new Elder Scrolls game is still well past the horizon though and in the meantime fans and modders have decided to add her to Skyrim instead.

The modders working on the Shirley companion mod recently released a teaser video which you can watch below. It begins with a montage of Curry's video opening catchphrase and ends with the in game version of the Skyrim grandma turning around to greet the Dragonborn with a "hello grandkid!"

In a Reddit thread for the teaser trailer, modders have answered common questions about the Shirley mod, including their hopes to release it sometime this month. Curry has been collaborating with modders working on her follower to provide her own voice for the character. Digital Shirley will also use Curry's own favored combat style: "a classic barbarian, using two-handed and light armor," Reddit user "phantom-scribbler" says.

Although the initial version of the mod is planned for early 2020, phantom-scribbler expands on some hopes for future additions. Shirley currently has a short follower quest with a longer mission planned for a later release. They also say "unique interactions with the player are also already a part of the mod and unique interactions with other NPCs are planned."

Curry is also known for reading Skyrim's books to viewers in her videos, an activity that modders are hoping to replicate in some way. Though they say having Curry record readings for every book in the game isn't very feasible, they are hoping to implement something related. Phantom-scribbler doesn't elaborate on the plans, saying they don't want to give everything away.

If you want to get to know Skyrim Grandma better before her follower mod launches, you can check out this video from Gameumentary on the octogenarian's rise to wholesome internet fame or her own YouTube channel.

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