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Skyrim satirical mod adds the login frustration of Doom's new console releases

If you don't turn your joke into a mod, are you truly committed to the bit?

When Bethesda released the first three Doom games on modern consoles last week, they added (by accident?) a requirement for players to register and sign into into their Bethesda.net doodad before playing these decades-old games. What does that have to do with PC? Well! Continuing the fine PC gaming tradition of pulling the pisser of modern big-budget games with their modern ways, a new Skyrim mod has added the thrilling experience of failing to connect to login servers and being kicked to the main menu. PC gaming: making daffy jokes playable since 1873.

"This mod is specifically tailored to providing Skyrim users with an authentic modern Bethesda experience," modmaker "d3sim8" explained of their creation, the Immersive Bethesda.net Experience. It's fairly simple one:

Want to play Skyrim? Hard luck. Your mock-connection is down, so you'll always be stopped from 'logging in' and playing. Jokes, yeah? You can download the mod for both regular Skyrim and the Special Edition from Nexus.

Bethesda do claim that the console releases are wrong to demand logging in. They say it's supposed to be optional, just for members of their digital Doom fan club to get rewards. They said on Saturday that they were "working on changing the requirement to optional now." A fix isn't live yet.

PC gaming has a silly history of satirical mods. Here's a few that come to mind. The Doom Loot Box mod replaced weapons and items around the map with crates, opened with keys that enemies occasionally dropped. Consider the gentle wordplay of Fallout 4's Creation Club mod which is nothing to do with the game's microtransaction store, it's just a golf club creating random junk as you crack skulls with it. Deus Ex: Unreal Revolution added Human Revolution-style highlighting, knifearms, and locked pre-order DLC missions to ye olde Deus Ex:

And heck, can't forget Call Of Dooty II:

If you don't turn your joke into a mod, are you truly committed to the bit?

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