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Skyrim will add aquariums in its Anniversary Edition

The fishiest Skyrim yet

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition comes out next month, and it's quickly becoming the fishiest version of the RPG yet. Bethesda have announced it will let you add aquariums to your Skyrim homes. We already know this edition will let us go fishing too, so I'm hoping we'll be able to yank those suckers straight out of the sea to put on display in our homes. Can't believe I'm going to buy yet another version of Skyrim just to have pet fish.

You'll be able to add aquariums to your Hearthfire houses (those are the ones you build - Heljarchen Hall, Lakeview Manor, and Windstad Manor). In the developers' announcement vid below, they've kitted out an entire room with ten (10!) fish tanks, harbouring a variety of marine life and decorations.

In the meantime however, there are a couple of mods that let you have fish tanks in the base version of Skyrim on PC. Lake View Manor Aquarium - Fish Tank pops one in, well, Lakeview Manor, and Phitt's Fishtanks is a modding resource that gives folks a fish tank model that can be used to make your own decoration mods. There's also Dwemer Aquarium, which adds a big underwater dome next to solitude that you can live in. I suppose that one is just a house under the sea - but it technically makes the entire ocean your personal aquarium!

It's worth noting that the Anniversary Edition might badly break a lot of Special Edition mods. A prominent modder said the update will change the way the game's code is generated, meaning folks will have to do a lot of work to fix the current modding methods and tools they use.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition comes out on November 11th, on the game's 10th birthday. It'll contain Skyrim: Special Edition along with loads of content from the Creation Club, Bethesda's microtransaction store that sells mod-like stuff made by the developers and community creators.

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