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Oregon Trails And Fury Roads: Skyshine's Bedlam Launches Next Month

Out September 17th

Skyshine's Bedlam [official site] is the hybrid offspring of XCOM, The Banner Saga, FTL, Mad Max, The Oregon Trail and Judge Dredd that you always knew you wanted, but never thought you'd get. I've already spent several hundred words describing the beauty of its ruined America, which is criss-crossed with tactical combat and bizarre encounters. It's a game in which you can manage the resources of a giant biological 'vehicle' as it slithers across the landscape, searching for fuel, guns and glory. I require its presence in my life as soon as possible and the release date has now been confirmed. September 17th. Trailer below.

"I was sold on Bedlam after about a minute in its company." I wrote that, a few days after seeing the game over in Germany at Gamescom. Rather than reflecting on the fact that Gamescom feels like it took place in a different lifetime and then pondering the brevity of life, I'm going to recommend that you read my preview and Alec's interview.

We'll scrutinise more closely as soon as possible but I already have a feeling Bedlam is going to be one of the highlights in a very promising September; a month that begins with Metal Gear and Mad Max, and manages to pack in Sword Coast Legends and SOMA along the way. Delicious.

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Skyshine's Bedlam


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