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Sandbox Slasher Movie Sim Lakeview Cabin Released


Should I ever find myself in a horror movie-style scenario, I intend to lie on a bed pressed up close against the wall with my eyes firmly shut. Movie rules mean they can't kill me if I don't acknowledge them, so I'll simply be very stoic. That might not work so well in Lakeview Cabin Collection [official site], a slasher movie game anthology which has released its first episode.

It's a side-scrolling sandbox survival horror (not in the 'collect twigs to craft an axe' sense) where you'll experience the full range of summer camp fun, from getting drunk and skinny dipping to desperately trying to stop murderous forces with whatever's at hand. It sounds great.

It's a sandbox world full of things to play with, everything you need to ad hoc solutions to someone or something emerging to murder you all. The list includes a shotgun, flare, wood chipper, motorbike, radio, bong, food, rake, dog, squirrel, zipline, bell, lantern, booze, petrol, and plenty more. Or, I guess, you could use those to party hard. Or to murder everyone yourself. I am reminded vaguely of Space Station 13.

Each episode of the Lakeview Cabin Collection will see four friends trying to survive somewhere new. The next episode, creator Roope Tamminen explained to Kill Screen, will star four women.

You can nab the Collection on Itch for $8.99 (£6) or through Humble for $9.99 (£6.70). You'll get the other three episodes once they're done too. I enjoyed the prototype back in 2013 (you can still play it in your browser on Kongregate) so I'll have to have a gander.

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