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Slashin' 'n dashin' roguelite ScourgeBringer left early access today

Another lovely roguelite to sink your teeth into

The last month or so has been a delightful time for roguelite fans (hello). We recently had the excellent Noita and Hades leave early access, and now the fast-paced action platformer ScourgeBringer has joined them.

Today saw the dashing and blasting and slashing roguelite reach its 1.0 release. As with most games escaping their early access shackles, ScourgeBringer got a big update today, too, adding in a new realm with new bosses and enemies to take on.

ScourgeBringer takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as a young lass trying to figure out her past. With today’s 1.0 patch, she can explore a new realm while doing so: it's called The Beyond, and there you'll find two new bosses and a bunch of new enemies.

New creatures to fight are also being added to existing realms, and some new secret rooms have appeared as well. There are three new endings, a load of new achievements, and even a hard mode for the scourge-bringing veterans among you.

There's absolutely loads more, too, like fresh challenges, revamped weapons, new blessings, items and lore. Check it all out for yourself in the patch notes.

Graham once said that "ScourgeBringer is a game that exists in your fingers." If you'd like to know what he means by that, check out his ScourgeBringer preview from last year. Spoiler: he liked it a lot.

ScourgeBringer left early access today, and is available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store right now. If you buy it before October 28th, you can get it with a 15% discount for £12/€15/$15. It's on Xbox Game Pass For PC too.

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