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Slay The Spire adds fourth and final act

Give that dastardly dungeon heart a proper kicking

Delightful deck-building dungeon-crawler Slay The Spire has added a semi-secret fourth and final act in this week's early access update. At long last, we'll get to give that dastardly dungeon heart a proper kicking. You'll need to make an extra effort to face the final boss, let alone defeat it, but I believe in you.

Without giving too much away... Act 4 is very short, with only one bonfire, one shop, one new Elite battle, then the boss. To get there, you'll need to collect three key pieces across earlier parts of the game by fighting certain Elites or taking a special option at bonfires. Then perhaps you'll defeat the heart (an absolute git with some real nasty tricks) and finally escape the cycle of torment.

As a bonus, you can unlock alternate card art from testing placeholders and drawn by fans.

This week also marked the one-year anniversary of Slay The Spire's early access launch.

"We're aware that in our Early Access blurb it said the game would be released by now. Well, too bad- we decided to add much more than initially planned," developers MegaCrit Games say in today's patch notes. "Also, thank you for playing the game, spreading the word, and being genuinely awesome."

It was my pleasure.

I've not been playing the beta branch, where Act 4 has been playable for a while, so I look forward to braving its challenges tonight. That damn lousy heart...

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Slay the Spire

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