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Slay The Spire shakes up daily challenges

Potion brewer, I am going into battle and really don't want all these potions

Delightful deck-building dungeoncrawler Slay The Spire's daily challenge has become part of my gaming routine, always an interesting climb up the roguelikelike tower with different modifiers, and I'm happy to see today's early access patch revamps it a little. Along with removing the vexatious 'Brewmaster' mod, which stacked our decks with potion-conjuring cards, it adds eight new mods to the daily pool while changing how mods are selected. On paper, it sounds like developer Mega Crit Games got together and decided to make 45 minutes of my day better every day? Ta!

Removing the Brewmaster mod (which started a run with five copies of Alchemize and the White Beast Statue) is the most Alice-pleasing change. Sure, it could be fun to sling potions like a rubedo-stained wizard, but Alchemize kinda sucks until it's upgraded to remove the casting cost - and it was terrible on days when Brewmaster combined with the Hoarder mod to fill the starting deck with 15 copies of it. Maybe I'll miss it with time, but for now I'm glad to be free of it.

Out with the old, in with the new. Today's eight new mods, I've read on that there Internet, are: Careless, which discards the top card of our deck at the start of each turn; Chimera, where the starting deck contains cards from all three characters; Flight, which lets us skip freely between paths when climbing up the spire; Sealed Deck, where we start with a 10-card deck we build from a pool of 30; Colorless, which adds colourless cards to the pool; Red Cards, which adds Ironclad cards to etc; Green Cards, which blah blah; and Blue Cards, and so on.

Mega Crit have also changed how each day's mods are selected. "A Daily Climb now always consists of a card-related mod, system changing mod, and a difficulty altering mod," they explain in today's patch notes. I'll need a few days to see how that shakes out in reality, but on paper I'm up for fiddling with the formula.

Well, this is all the plan, at least. While the Green Cards modifier is active in today's daily challenge, but I didn't see a single Silent card on the whole run so, ah, I think it's a bit busted.

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