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Slay The Spire shuffles out of early access in January

Splendid deck-building roguelikelike dungeon-crawler Slay The Spire will leave early access and launch in full on January 23rd, 2019, developers Mega Crit Games have announced. If you've foolishly been waiting for the full launch--it's been one of my favourite games of the year for months so holding off is daft okay--there you go. Mega Crit also note that they'll bump the price up a touch before launch so look, get it now and start scaling that tower of oddities.

Slay The Spire's semi-secret fourth and final act hit the game in November, signalling it was on the home stretch.

"We're aware that in our Early Access blurb it said the game would be released by now," Mega Crit said then. "Well, too bad- we decided to add much more than initially planned."

Fair does! No complaints from me.

I enjoyed Slay The Spire in its early days, when it only had three acts and two characters, but improvements to the daily challenges and especially the addition of its third character in June made it proper great. I adore that little murderbot. I am excited to see what follows.

"We'll reveal more on the future of Slay the Spire and Mega Crit Games on release," the devs said in today's announcement and patch notes. Before launch, the price will go up a little bit. Why wait?

Slay The Spire costs £12/€16/$16 on Steam Early Access.

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Slay the Spire

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