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Slither and puzzle through dungeons in Temple Of Snek

Eat, grow, puzzle

I like a good puzzle dungeon. Give me a tiled floor littered with switches and spikes and I'll probably have a merry time.

Temple Of Snek gives me that and more, by crossing those puzzle concepts with the classic rules of Snake. Which are: you are a snake, you are always moving forward, and you get longer the more you eat. Can you wind your way out of each puzzle room before you get long or skewered?

Here's a trailer, which shows Snek in action:

The rooms you're slithering through form "a continuous, interwoven puzzle dungeon with 2-5 hours of gameplay", according to its Steam page. The puzzles are normally based around either the length of your snake (snek?) or the rhythm of your forward-forward-forward movement.

There's more to come, too, as this is only an early access release. The final game will apparently feature five environments with distinct art, a level editor to make your own puzzles, and a wordless narrative.

Temple Of Snek is from Aetheric Games, whose work we've been covering for a long time. They previously made short, domestic horror game Bonbon and before that Amnesia mod The Trapdoor.

If Temple Of Snek sounds like your thing, you can grab the early access version from Steam now for £6.47/€7.37. Or if you want something similar with more legs, give Dungeon And Puzzles a go. It's a sokoban puzzler about stabbing your way through dungeons with a similar energy.

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Temple Of Snek

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