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Dystopian Crimesport: Sleeping Dogs Dev's Smash+Grab

3v3 competitive crimes

Smash+Grab [official site], the new crime 'em up from Sleeping Dogs developers United Front Games, is now out in early access. It's team-based futuresports about gangs smashing up shops and stealing stuff while interrupting the other team's efforts with a bit of a kicking. A bit like Sleeping Dogs, it's big on melee combat with grapples, counters, and whatnot. Smash+Grab actually came out last week but evidently I missed it because that name makes no impact at all.

Right! So. It is the dystopian future and all the cool gangs are playing competitive crime. Smash+Grab is a 3v3 crimesport where each player has their own little posse: a leader you control directly, with active and passive abilities; a lieutenant with passive abilities boosting you all; and three mooks to hit things. You get to build your dream gang by carefully picking your leader, perks, and members, and fiddling with cosmetic bits too. Your team's three posses are trying to smash up shops and off their guards to steal weapons and cash and be the first to yoink $50,000. You can upgrade weapons too. Because if you give the other team a proper kicking, they can't beat you at the crimesports.

Have a peek:

Smash+Grab is £12.74/16,99€/$16,99 on Steam Early Access right now, which includes a launch discount due to expire in a couple of hours. United Front expect Smash+Grab will leave early access in about six months, having boshed in new characters, maps, modes, weapons, and so on.

I'm always up for building my own crimesports futuregang, so I've just picked this up myself. See you on those futurestreets, folks.

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