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Smooth As: Clockwords

This splendid game, Clockwords, came to our attention via Dartt. It's a free webgame involving furiously typing words to defeat mechanical spiders. You know the sort. The spiders are from your evil enemy who is determined to steal vital plans for your mysterious clockwork machine. This will not do!

It's distinct from many word-based game in that you're not restricted to words based on the letters available. In fact, you can type in any word you like at any time. However, you'll score higher (do more damage) if you use the letters that appear in your chambers. These letters come from a pool in The Boiler, where you can select your ideal collection, and even sort of breed letters together to make more powerful ones.

It's oddly crippling to be given the option of any word ever. Your imagination is then further challenged when trying to create words with the letters on screen involved. I can't tell you the number of times I've lamely typed "RELOCATING" rather than something more inspired. Fortunately the game penalises you for using the same word twice in a level, making it do less damage.

There's a money-making scheme hidden in there via MochiGames who will sell you coins for their games. With these you can buy more powerful letters. However, I've ploughed through to level 12 without needing to do such a thing - there's unquestionably (another word I kept using) a full game to play without needed to spend money.

It's all rather a lot of fun, with a very cute opening story, and splendid music throughout. Well worth a play.

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