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Ssserpentine platformer Snake Pass releasssed


Most platformers take movement for granted. Sure, it might be tricky to nail precise timings and pull off complex chains but you have move buttons and jump buttons and they do your moving. That's certainly not the case with Snake Pass [official site], which launched today. Sumo Digital's platformer gives players a snake to wind, coil, and wrestle with to make him move and climb. Unconventional physics-driven platformers can be a bit kooky but this looks great. See:

But it's this from Mark Brown (the chap behind the Game Maker's Toolkit videos) that won my heart:

Splendid. The gripping, balancing, and coiling look a treat. And even moving on ground has a trick to it, taking a serpentine motion as you direct the head and lay down that sweet S to help build speed. It's meant to be quite tricky, and I'm into that.

Snake Pass is £15.99/19,99€/$19.99 on Steam. I believe Alec might crawl on his belly to tell us Wot He Thinks later. And if you're at Rezzed this week, you can see it in the RPS Cave of Wonders (elsewhere too, but why not the Cave of Wonders?).

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