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Sneaky Stabby: Mark Of The Ninja Officially Steam-Bound

Remember that moment in Batman: Arkham [Batplace] when you figured out you could perch atop a gargoyle and just mess with people? Confuse them, terrify them, boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew, etc? Well, Mark of the Ninja's a lot like that, except with more weapons of mass distraction and in 2D. Also, there are swords. It is, in other words, among the better stealth games to skulk out of the shadows in a long while, and - as many suspected - it's officially headed to PC. Details on when, where, and what that suspicious sound you just heard was are after the break.

Steam! Mark of the Ninja will be leaving its mark on Steam, and its mark just so happens to be a videogame. Having dealt with a variety of other ninjas, I'm fairly thankful for that. It'll be out on October 16th for $14.99.

Encouragingly, Klei seems very dedicated to doing this port up in proper fashion. Lead designer Nels Anderson told me that Klei's currently tweaking mouse-and-keyboard controls until they're just so, and he also noted that Games For Windows Live absolutely, positively won't be involved in any way, shape, or form.

"I'm primarily a PC person myself, and I'm not okay in any way with this feeling like a shoddy port," said Anderson. "It's my intention that this is a full, proper version of the game in its own right."

I'll be speaking with Anderson at length a bit later this week, and I've gotten some hands-on time with an early build, so expect tons more soon.

Oh, right, the weird sound you heard earlier. Yeah, it was absolutely a ninja. You're dead now. Sorry about that.

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