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SnowRunner season one adds a Russian map and free map-modding tools

Beware the thin ice

Vehicular disaster simulator SnowRunner has launched its first chunk of seasonal content today. You'll want to bring those snow chains because there's a decent bit to plow through. Season Pass holders will be headed to an icy lake in Russia while all other players will have some new map-modding tools and missions to play with. There's more yet to come later in the summer, say Focus Home Interactive, which they've broken down in a new season one trailer.

The icy Lake Kovd in the Russian Kola Peninsula Region is the challenging new destination for Season Pass holders and Premium Edition owners. "Players must complete new missions while contending with thin ice that could break at any moment," say Focus Home. For tackling the dangerous new terrain, you'll be able to hop behind the wheel of two new vehicles, the TUZ 16 "Actaeon" and the Ford 750 4x4 CrewCab.

For all other players, a free update adds new missions and new mod tools for editing maps. Mission modding will be coming later, Focus Home say.

Later in the summer, Season Pass owners will get a second Kola Peninsula map to traverse, more new vehicles with new skins, and customisation options. For all other players, the later update will add the Trials game mode with custom mini maps hosting challenges in the style of MudRunner.

There's even more upcoming bits mentioned in the new trailer above, including more missions, a metal detector, a collectible system, and even more modding tools. Whew, that was a lot of cargo to unpack.

By the by, MudRunner launched on mobile devices today if you happen to be into playing games on tiny screens that old eyes like mine can't tolerate.

You can find SnowRunner over on the Epic Games Store.

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