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So Anyway, Black Mesa's Out Now

We now bring you this transmission, directly from alternate universe evil (or are they the good ones?) Bizarro RPS:

John: Goodness, what a boring day it's been. Probably the least exciting in recorded history.

Jim: Here's an idle musing for you: joy is dead. And so is God.

Adam: Wouldn't it be amazing if a spiritual successor to Total Annihilation just made $2 million, a thinly veiled follow-up to Planescape: Torment was just announced, and an agonizingly long-awaited Half-Life remake finally launched - all in the same day?

John: Well, I mean, Ubisoft just announced its new always online double-DRM. If you disconnect from the Internet, it kills you. That's something, right? Something that kills you, I mean.

Alec: [Says nothing. Still on vacation. Evil vacation.]

Me, under the iron grip of the Neo-British Colonial Extermination Empire: Can I... ? Can I eat now? It's been days.

All: No.

So, right then. Black Mesa's out! For real. I'm downloading it right now, and John's apparently playing it as we speak. What a strange, amazing day. As you can imagine, download servers are getting pulverized into post-crowbar headcrab goo, so you might need to do a bit of digging. Here, however, are some options:

There are direct downloads everywhere, and Black Mesa's official site has done a nice job of gathering them in one place. Just in case the site goes down, though, here they all are: ModDBFileShackGameFront, Games.On.Net, and GamesConnect (down as of writing).

There are also torrents, which - due to overwhelming demand - aren't faring so well. Happily, however, I imagine tons more will spring up in the coming hours. Until then, though, you've got the official option (down as of writing), one over here as well, a Dropbox link, and a download from Pirate Bay that's allegedly not as loaded down right now.

You can also download the soundtrack, which - based on some brief snippets - seems pretty great! And, of course, all of this is completely free.

So, have at it. Now then, my download just broke halfway through, so I'm off to angrily hurl bricks at innocent bystanders and then try again.

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