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I'm Feeling (Cautiously) Optimistic About Dragon Age

I want very, very badly for Dragon Age: Inquisition to be good. Great, even. Once upon a time, I found myself in a torrid, fiery love affair with Dragon Age: Origins, but things fizzled when DA II rushed onto the scene (though I did enjoy certain aspects of it more than some). To its credit, however, BioWare has been making some seriously promising, er, promises about its impending no-longer-a-threequel. It will have dragons, yes, and ages certainly, but also oh so much more. Player choice is taking center stage again, and it's a mantra that apparently flows through character customization, party control, story progression, and even your commanding role as the Inquisitor. Watch some of BioWare's beardliest faces talk about it below.

Freedom! You can choose your race again. Also, more important things like what your inquisitorial agents will do and how far they'll go in attempting to slap the cuffs on whomever tore the sky a new piehole and kicked off a demon plague. I assume they're quite inquisitive, so I hope I can tell them to use the mean questions.

BioWare sounds like it's back on the right track, but the only example moral choice it gave - save the burning village or let it melt into ash - sounds like a relic from choice's days of binary gimmickery. Maybe there's more to it than that, but I have to take issue with it at this stage. Really, though, that's just me nitpicking. Everything else looks and sounds exceedingly tantalizing. I... I think/am afraid I might be excited.

I'm not entirely in BioWare's camp yet, though. That'll only happen once it seals the deal and brings back Dragon Age: Origins' charmingly hideous-looking mage gear. I want my ceiling-scraping banana hat, damn it.

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