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Sokpop Collective are popping out a new game every 2 weeks

Fortnightly fun times

'Suspicious Developments' remains my favourite name for a games studio*, but 'Sokpop' might be my favourite name for a video games collective. That's because a) it captures some of the playfulness that they bring to their work, and b) it's fun to say. Sokpop!

I can look forward to exclaiming it more often, because Sokpop Collective have announced that they'll be releasing a new game every 2 weeks using crowdfuning from their recently launched Patreon. You might know them for sci-fi city stroller Bernband, pleasant meadow puzzler Lisa, multiplayer park mess-about sim Digital Bird Playrground, or any of their many, many other games. Click on through for details about that Patreon, as well as the bigger projects they've got planned for this year.

If you haven't heard of it, Patreon is a crowdfunding site where creators ask for monthly donations to fund everything from video games to a capella music videos, and often hand out goodies in return.

You'll need to chip in $3 a month to the Sokpop Patreon if you want to get your hands on those fortnightly releases, which'll also grant you access to their Discord. If you subscribe in the next three weeks, you'll also receive beach-cleaning game Jut and bee-being game Bombini.

Chip in $2 more and you'll get early access to the bigger projects they've got planned for this year, though I can't tell if that means you'll actually own them once they come out or not. Anyway, those projects are:

Original Hill Farming, "a rogue-like farming game".

And Bernband, the confusingly named sequel to, erm, Bernband.

They're also making Box Friends, an idle gardening game for mobile devices, but pshh shhh we're a PC site... Ah screw it, have the GIF anyway. Who am I to deprive you of a pooping goose?

I haven't played the original yet, but the Bernband sequel stands out to me as the most exciting proposition. We named Bernband as as our best being pleasantly lost game of 2014, and you can also find us raving about it here and here.

Well, that's my evening sorted - though if I had any friends I'd sooner muck around with them in Digital Bird Playground. Pip's account of half an hour full of frog chucking and bike balling has made me wish I'd known about it the last time I had people over.

Here's Sokpop's showcase reel for 2018:

*I've only socialised with Suspicious Development's Tom Francis once, so can say such things without a big old disclaimer. Have this little one instead.

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