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Soldier's Pings: Red River Dev Diary #3

Oof! I was all set to make fun of Codemasters for releasing yet another Operation Flashpoint: Red River video from their curiously dilapidated offices, but I've just found out that Red River is coming out in Europe this very Thursday. Why would you want to buy it? First and foremost for its explosions, but also for its focus on four player co-op, and that's what this latest developer diary covers. I had quite a bit of fun playing the very multiplayer modes they're talking about.

Never mind the fact that they spend two whole minutes talking around the idea of drop-in, drop-out co-op. Look how pretty it is! Shame the areas at so much smaller than the original Operation Flashpoint or Arma II. I'd love to hijack a motorbike and go exploring.

Oh, you can also ignore the release date at the end. That's for America. Unless you live in America. In which case do not ignore the release date at the end. Unless you don't care.

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