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Sonic Colors: Ultimate is coming in September and a new game in 2022

Sonic, Sonic everywhere

Sonic turns 30 this year, so Sega are showering their favorite little blue dude with what everyone wants when they turn 30: game cameos, remasters, an animated show, and a cryptic teaser trailer. During their Sonic celebration yesterday, Sega announced the remaster Sonic Colors: Ultimate for September, which is coming to us PC folks. They've also teased some new, unknown Sonic game coming next year, also on PC. We don't know much about it yet but don't worry, at this rate the rest of 2021 has gotta go fast.

As was somewhat expected prior to the show, yon 2010 game Sonic Colors is indeed getting a remaster called Sonic Colors: Ultimate, developed by Blind Squirrel Entertainment. Colors is a 3D Sonic adventure about battling Dr. Eggman in an interstellar theme park to free alien pals called Wisps.

Sega say that the new release will include "stunning upscaled visuals, additional features, a new game mode, and enhanced gameplay". That new game mode is the "rival rush" mode where you'll be challenging Metal Sonic to races to unlock goodies and all.

I'll admit right now that my Sonic exposure is limited to screaming the words to "Escape From The City" and visiting the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on my GameCube yonks back. So I am going to share these cryptic Sonic posts that Katharine has left me without attempting to interpret them. Here is a cursed Sonic burger and even worse Sonic curry and the less horrifying unofficial Sonic bandages. They are Sonic. They are colors. Sonic Colors, everyone.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is launching on September 7th over on the Epic Games Store.

You can spot everything else, the animated show and sonic cameos and mobile games and all over in the full Sonic Central show from yesterday.

Sega ended the show with a teaser for an unknown Sonic game coming to PC and consoles in 2022. It's got Sonic doing his go fast thing as a digital-y blurr through a rather realistic-style forest. Here you go, Sonic sleuths. Speculate away.

Sonic teaser for 2022 game - Animated 3D Sonic's torso and shoes as visible surrounded by digital-looking purple artifacts in a mostly realistic-looking forest.

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