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Sophie's Safecracking Simulator teaches high-tech tools of the trade

And also some low-tech know-how

I don't know the first thing about breaking into safes, or what the fiddly inner bits of a combo lock look like. So I've already learned a lot from Sophie's Safecracking Simulator from looking at its screenshots without even playing it. Fans of fiddly games should listen close on this one. Safecracking Simulator has just arrived on Steam and it's a neat little tech toy to snag for less than a fiver.

You can spot a bit of safecracking and the extra snazzy tools here in the Safecracking Sim trailer. Honestly, the sound design is what's tickled me. Those little metallic clicks and scrapes are rather satisfying. Once again, I've already learned something just from watching.

Safecracking Sim is pretty much what it says on the tin, and it's a neat tin! Developer Sophie Houlden says that the game includes a tutorial to walk you through how a safe lock actually works and the variety of high-tech tools you can call in to crack them. You can also generate locks with random combinations to see how quick you are at breaking in.

Houlden says that Safecracking Sim "explains how typical mechanical 'group 2'-style safe locks work, and how to exploit their mechanisms by manipulation alone." That means no dynamite or drills or anything else. You'll be learning how to get in just by getting very, very good at turning that dial.

Sophie's Safecracking Simulator has already been available on Itch but just launched on Steam as well. Both versions are currently discounted by 17% until June 23rd for £1.73/$2.48.

By the by, if this tickles you brain you might also be interested in taking a look at the Museum Of Mechanics: Lockpicking. It replicates lockpicking minigames from lots of other games. It's less on the simulation side then, but also neat!

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