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Sorcery! Part 3 Catching Up With PC In April

Part 4 Coming This Year

Sorcery! [official site] hasn't received quite as much attention as its Inkle Studios sibling 80 Days around these parts. It's mostly been Richard Cobbett praising this new and more open choose-your-own-adventure, which is based on Steve Jackson's gamebook from the '80s but has matured into its own thing.

The first two parts have landed on our bigger screens in February, after starting on pocket telephones. Part 3: The Seven Serpents, the largest and most complex yet, will join them on April 5th, bringing PC up to date with the Android and iOS releases. Part 4 should be released within 2016, simultaneously on all platforms. You have the choice of clicking past the break.

Our interview with Inkle Studios gives some interesting insights into the evolution of the game, starting as a relatively shy adaptation with just a few modernized elements here and there to a game with its own personality, still part of the Sorcery universe but very much adding its own twist and flavour to it, with original mechanics, new encounters and so on. The developers were encouraged by the positive feedback, so much so that part 3 contains an entirely new world, not part of the original text.

With every new chapter, the game has also become more and more radically open, and in Part 3 the player can pretty much do whatever they want, in any order they want, while the time travel mechanic adds multiple layers to the world. The possibility to rewind the game's state to test the outcome of multiple choices and "turn back a few pages like you’d got your fingers in the page" is just the cherry on top, although as a player it's not always easy to use it wisely.

It's worth mentioning that Sorcery! supports cross-platform cloud saves: you can keep playing the same game across every device you have bought it on.

You are free to enjoy this trailer.

Sorcery! will be out in all its exclamative freedom on Windows and Mac on April 5th.

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