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Sound Quality: A Life Well Wasted

You say "gaming podcast" and what you're probably thinking of is "a bunch of nerdy guys sitting in a room around a shitty mike and/or yabbering over Skype about what games they played this week". It's certainly what we do. It doesn't have to be like that, as the scarily well-done Audio-Documentary approach of Robert Ashley's A Life Well Wasted proves.

Each episode goes forth and interviews a variety of people on the subject at hand and professionally edits it together into a tight package. I'll use the word "professional" again, as it's something which few Podcasts deserve. Put it like this: if you turned on Radio 4 and heard this playing and you wouldn't be surprised. While the first episode regarding the death of EGM magazine is a little US-centric, the second about gaming collectors - from academics to arts to just game lovers - is wonderful stuff and the perfect place to join in. Robert Ashely even has a proper soothing radio voice, which strikes the nasally crew of RPS as somewhat unfair. The bast.

Anyway, both podcasts are on the site, and you can sign up on Itunes It strikes me that it's worth saying "if you only subscribe to one gaming podcast, this should be the one", even if it's somewhat suicidal for our own listening figures. It's unlike anything else and demands your attention.

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