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In Soviet Russia, Humanity Is Against Cards With Party Game Soviet Humor

Welcome to humor, comrades

Rapscallion Games has taken some time to give glory to the Motherland with the development of the multiplayer party game Soviet Humor. This is the same studio behind the successfully Kickstarted Lovecraftian comedy/horror visual novel The Miskatonic, and they've taken the same great humor that spawned that game and put a bit of a Communist twist on it. да!

Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, Soviet Humor puts one player in the role of a Soviet Censor, who must take a filthy Capitalist concept, and censor a number of the words in it. The other players, playing good Communist Buffoons, must replace the censored words with their own to make sure the humorous phrase meets the rigorous standards of politically reliable Soviet Humor.

Once each Buffoon has completed their task, the censor must then pick which new statement is the most humorous. Whoever wins gets a point, and a new censor is chosen and the next round starts. If this sounds like your kind of game (and it very well should), then there's no sense in Stalin. The multiplayer demo is available now through Dropbox, and you can follow the development of both The Miskatonic and Soviet humor on the developer's Tumblr.

Here, Czech out this trailer:


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