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Soviet super-science FPS Atomic Heart gets a February 2023 release date

Seriously, what did I just watch?

Developers Munfish have finally announced that its bonkers Soviet shooter Atomic Heart will release on February 21st, 2023. The new trailer for shooty alternate universe action RPG Atomic Heart is a bit of a trip, frankly. Barrelling along at the speed of Sonic The Hedgehog, you can just about make out some weird looking Soviet robots, head-splitting mutants, and what seemed to be a truck plummeting towards towering futuristic architecture. Watch the eye-meltingly speedy trailer below, you’ll probably need some bugeye goggles afterwards to recuperate your peepers.

Atomic Heart’s combat revolves around some superpowered tech called the Glove, which can blast out lightning and lift things into the air. As Major P-3. you’ll be wielding melee and gunpowder-fuelled weapons alongside your mighty mitt to clean up a containment breach at Soviet Facility № 3826. Your character will have to fend off some intimidating automatons, and mutated humans that really don’t seem to be doing very well with their heads anymore. It all looks very creepy.

Developers Mundfish first revealed Atomic Heart back in 2018. James had a chat with the team earlier this year, when they promised that the game wasn’t going to end up a clone of Half-Life or BioShock. Mundfish also said they expected the game to release before the end of 2022, but that’s evidently been bumped a few months into the sparkly new year. If you’re a fan of the recent Dooms and Arkane’s take on Prey then you’ll be pleased to hear that composer Mick Gordon is working on the soundtrack.

Atomic Heart levitates onto Steam on February 21st, 2023 for £55/$60/€60, and will be on PC Game Pass. It’s heading to PlayStation and Xbox consoles, too.

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