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Space Cadets: RymdResa's Poetry Space Sim Hits Steam

Rhyme and reason

RymdResa. RymdResa! RymdResa? Say it three times fast, it rolls off the tongue with a jagged clatter of consonants. Oh well, at least it's looking nice. RymdResa [official site] is now available on Steam - it's priced at £8.99 but there's a 10% launch discount on offer at the moment.

Do you remember our hands-on with the game just last month? - John was pure glee over the idea of a Space sim that features no combat, no shopping, no bar charts, but lots of ambient drifting. Set in the vacuum of Space, RymdResa is a project developed by a two person collective called Morgondag. The studio has described the project as a "procedurally generated poetry space odyssey": A contemplative roguelike in which you're a survivor of the recently destroyed planet Earth. You bum around the universe, thinking deep thoughts and seeking out resources to stay alive.

"Where I've found the game to shine, in my early play, is in the moments when all goes wrong," wrote our John. "Resources are your health and when they run out, it's game over. So a rash decision to find out what would happen were I to use a floating space teleporter caused me to be transferred a ludicrous distance from my home base. It was extraordinarily unlikely I’d ever make it back, but in trying, the game won me over."

Here's a teasy little launch trailer:

And this has some actual gameplay:

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