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Space Crew takes Bomber Crew's misadventures into orbit in October

3... 2... 1... oh no

After bumbling through World War 2 with Bomber Crew, developers Runner Duck will return with the crew management game's sequel, Space Crew on the 15th of October. Once again we'll be building a crew, customising our vessel, and issuing folks orders so they can complete missions without crashing and burning or dropping your lunch over Birmingham, but in space. That notoriously mistake-tolerant place, space.

The fantastic FTL was already a minor point of comparison for Bomber Crew, sharing the broad concept of shuffling crew around positions of a flying machine, but Space Crew is not "FTL but WW2 but in space." The Crew games are a lot more involved, with much more to micromanage as you try to keep your vehicle together, engage enemies, and stop your crew from muffing it up. But yeah, you can make your crew look like your mates then blame them when things do go wrong.

You can see for yourself in an early demo that's still available on Space Crew's Steam page.

Space Crew is coming to Steam on October 15th, priced at £18/€20/$20. It's due to be on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Published by Curve Digital, Space Crew is also headed to Xbone, PS4, and Switch. It was previously expected in September but now it's not, okay.

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Space Crew

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

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