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Cyclonic! Space Hulk: Ascension Edition Announced

RPG bits and pieces and Ultramarines

Full Control's grand dream for Space Hulk was to recreate the beloved Games Workshop boardgame. It got off to a rocky start. Patching did a lot for bugs (though can't change that it doesn't have that cardboard feel), and today They say it's a fairly solid adaptation. So having made Space Hulk, Full Control want to make a different Space Hulk.

Today they announced Space Hulk: Ascension Edition, a standalone new version boshing in a load of RPG bits, new stuff, and Ultramarines, who do at least bring Cyclone missile launchers to compensate for being so dull.

Ascension Edition's main change is whacking in an RPG layer, with squads built of characters who earn XP and level up attributes and skills and whatnot. Hugely massively importantly, Terminators are customisable now, with all sorts of shiny bits to change the look of their armour--tabletop heritage and all that. Also you can rename them, to see your best mate horribly slaughtered. Other new things: combi-weapons, short mini-missions, genestealer variants, and those Ultramarines.

It seems to include all that DLC with the base game, packing 100 missions across Blood Angel, Space Wolves, and Ultramarine campaigns.

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition is due some time between October and the end of the year. Trailer:

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