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Space Hulk: Ascension Expansion Sends In The Deathwing

Not to be confused with Deathwatch or Death Worlds

Part of the service we provide here at RPS is, I'm sure you won't mind me so candidly saying, providing a space for mostly-former Games Workshop fans to get all misty-eyed remembering their teenage years and chatting with similar sorts about all they've missed since they became Grown-Ups and oh god why did they become Grown-Ups? We do this by posting about Warhammer 40K games maybe just a little more than would otherwise be warranted.

Look, a new DLC expansion for Space Hulk: Ascension [official site] is out, with a story by one of the folks behind those 40K Black Library books you talk about when you think I'm not listening.

The Dark Angels expansion introduces the sullen Dark Angels chapter and their Deathwing terminator company, as well as a healing Apothecary class, and a hefty plasma cannon to fling hot joy at Tyranids. Its new story campaign is an adaptation of the tabletop Bringer of Sorrow campaign, written by occasional Black Library author Graeme Lyon. Deathwing also boshes in another 20 flash missions, and all these new opportunities to purge Tyranids are playable by other chapters too. Developers Full Control say it'll all take you about 25 hours to get through.

The expansion's £5.09 on Steam for the next week, after which it'll go up to £5.59.

One might even consider this a thematic prelude to Space Hulk: Deathwing, the upcoming FPS-RPG which will also see the Deathwing stomping around a space hulk. I am awfully curious to see how that will turn out, especially after that surprising trailer.

Full Control, if you missed the news, have kinda sorta stopped making games. They said they'd continue to support Space Hulk, but it's not clear what that would involve once this expansion was out. Mysteries.

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