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Space Jam In Starbound 

I'm still waiting for Starbound to be released, and I blame David Bowie. If he hadn't gone to space to make an album of space lounge songs with Flight of the Conchords, the Starbound developers wouldn't have spent the time and effort to try and ape him. So instead of playing the game right now, which is what definitely would be happening if David Bowie didn't exist, all I have to show you is a video of the latest crafting items that they've made for the game: musical instruments. After a long day Starbounding, if you just want to relax with friends, maybe pick up an instrument and have a "jam", you totally can.

The instruments will be playable, but they can also be fed ABC files to make music. As long as you understand the ABC notation system (I do not), or can at least acquire the text files you'll need (I can do that!) I'd imagine the community will be generating, you can make sweet space music together with your crew. So far there's 20 working instruments in the game, and I can only there's room in space for whatever it is that's being played at the start of Jožin z bažin.

The video is missing any animations, but it's still charming. Don't watch this one if you don't want that Portal song stuck in your head all day. I have another below for you.

And here's an early version, which makes me think of a school recital. It's super cute.

The lovely animated development roadmap says it's out 2013. I can't wait.

Via PCGamesN.

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