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Celestial Service: New Space Run Galaxy Trailer

Space racing

What frustrated me most about Space Run was that it failed to deliver on its initial potential. Like Adam, I was taken by its nuanced slant on tower defence, as I built weapon-heavy space-trucks and hauled cargo containers to and fro hostile intergalactic thoroughfares, however I felt it became too repetitive after its first few hours. There was a good game lurking in there somewhere, but I felt Space Run just couldn't realise it.

Its follow-up, Space Run Galaxy [official site], has released its first trailer and I'm starting to think it might right its forerunner's wrongs. Hop below for a look.

"Your job is simple," says space-runner Buck Mann - the protagonist of the first game, turned-gaffer this time round. "Deliver my client's goods across the galaxy, and protect them from anything that stands in your way." Evidently, that's devastating asteroids, deadly aliens, and plundering pirate ships, if the following is anything to go by:

Set 20 years after the first game, Space Run Galaxy looks to build upon the original's foundations while introducing a host of new stuff. Online contracts, for example, where you can take on or create and share new jobs sounds neat. So too does the black market and the scope you now have to set trade rates across the galaxy. So too too does the fact that restrictions on which ship you use in certain missions has been scrapped - a real bugbear of mine the first time round.

If repetition was Space Run's biggest downfall, I hope the variety developer Passtech Games has planned for Galaxy, its four solar systems, 50+ zones, and over 100 runs, is the answer.

Plus there's also new baddies to watch out for. Like that giant terrifying octopus thing at the end of the trailer up there. "If you thought pirates were the worst of it," says Mann. "You ain't seen nothing yet." Quite.

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