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Space sandbox MMO Dual Universe will launch its beta on August 27th

Space space wanna go to space

After a year and a half in paid alpha, space sandbox MMO Dual Universe is setting course for a beta launch next month. When the beta begins on August 27th, Dual Universe will be moving from its premium alpha payment to a subscription-based plan. Novaquark say they plan to continue the subscription method when Dual Universe reaches full release.

Unsurprisingly, the space-faring MMO has positioned itself as a must-see for fans of other space simulations like Star Citizen, Eve Online and No Man's Sky. It's a persistent space universe with ship battles, trading, player-run political structures, buildable ships and space stations, and a lot of other MMO bits explained in a trailer from earlier this year. You can catch some laser slingin' ship battles shown off recently as well.

Their newest video below is the opening cinematic to the game which hints at the Rebirth Project that sent a lottery of lucky humans out to begin a new society in space after Earth was destroyed.

Brendan Caldwell spoke with Novaquark and other developers back in 2017 about chasing the vision of a single shard MMO, which Dual Universe calls its "continuous single shard."

As for how to play today, "alpha backers will receive access to the Beta for free, but should hurry because Alpha packs will soon stop being sold on the company’s website," Novaquark say. Buying into the alpha right now will run you €60/$60 whereas the beta subscription price will be $6.99 per month.

Novaquark are expecting the full launch for Dual Universe sometime in 2021. Beta access begins on August 27th.

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