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Space station thriller Observation has landed on Steam and GOG at half price

Serious S.A.M. in space

Observation, the game that's akin to 2001: A Space Odyssey if you played the role of HAL 9000, has exited the Epic Games Store airlock after a year of exclusivity. You can find the space thriller over on GOG and Steam now, complete with a tasty debut discount.

Somewhere in the neighbourhood of Saturn, you'll monitor cameras, explore, and solve puzzles alongside Dr. Emma Fisher. You're not a human technician, but S.A.M. the space station AI. You'll flit around between station cameras and use your AI abilities to help keep your fragile human companion alive.

In his Observation review, Matt found it to be equal parts brilliant and infuriating.

"Observation is clever, but it’s also astoundingly dumb. You’re placed in a unique perspective, where onscreen inhumanity accentuates your oh-so-human instincts. Then it subverts that! But then it makes you control a sphere that can’t move directly up or down, furthering the nightmare of navigating already labyrinthine spaces. It asks you to do something, without telling you how."

Despite the frustrations, Matt ends up concluding "It’s worth persevering with. When you get stuck though, don’t hesitate to use a walkthrough."

If space drama is your jam but the Epic Store is not, well now you've got some new options. Observation has landed on Steam and GOG where it's currently an enticing 50% off at £9.74/€10.49/$12.49 until Thursday, May 28th.

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